Custom Meal Planning

~Starting at $199/3 Full Days (9 meals total!)

Based on our consultations and your specific nutritional needs, possible food allergies/intolerances, lifestyle and budget, I will create and send to you nutrient dense, custom built, easy to follow meals. You will get 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners!

At Home Resources

Kitchen Skills

~ $120/hour

Are you ready to start your amazing journey but you aren't sure where to start in the kitchen? Let's work together on proper knife skills, meal prepping, cooking techniques, and how to use appliances.

Pantry Clean Out

~ $120/hour

Not sure which foods in your home could be inflammatory or contributing to your chronic symptoms? Together we can identify various food that are low in nutrients, contain allergens, and unwanted additives. We will then have an opportunity to discuss alternatives to anything we find.

Additionally, we can go over the types of cooking equipement in your kitchen to see if there are hidden toxins such as heavy metals which have been linked to several health disorders. We can then discuss safter alternatives for your consideration.

*All prices on this web site are subject to change without notice.

Client Refresh


This package is for previous clients only. Client Refresh is a great opportunity to check in and re-evaluate your health and wellness journey, and get updated nutritional recommendations, lifestyle practices, and supplements.

With the Client Refresh you get:

  • A New Symptom Burden Graph

  • A 45-Minute Consultation

  • A refresh of ALL your recommendations, including supplements!

Schedule your Refresh Today!

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