Fix One Thing Consultation: $299

My Fix One Thing consultation includes a full intake process where your 15-pillars of health and wellness are revealed. We discuss the findings in a 30-minute consultation where we will collaborate and discuss one dietary, one supplement, and one lifestyle recommendation.

After 6-weeks you will get a comparison graph and we will meet for a 30-minute consultation to discuss your progress and advancements towards your goals!

Together we work together in helping you take the first step(s) in achieving your health and wellness goals.

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Your health is my priority

I am actively investing time before and after each of our appointments to prepare, research, and be focused on you and your individual needs.

Before our time together, I set aside and dedicate time to work on your targeted nutrition, supplement recommendations, and support your lifestyle.

I am assessing and analyzing your paperwork, diving deep into medical resources on your specific needs, and collaborating with other professionals to provide you with the very best nutritional advice I can.

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Example of the 15-Pillars of Health

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