Why Nutritional Therapy?  

Nutritional therapy takes an individualized and holistic approach to address chronic symptoms such as fatigue, digestive dysfunction (gas, bloating, constipation), hormonal imbalances, and more through optimized digestion, sustainable lifestyle practices, and targeted nutrition. 

Your body is this amazing machine that has the ability to heal and restore if given what it needs.

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"I had been dealing with digestive issues for years after having children and had seen multiple doctors, even specialists, and had tried prescription medications with no resolution.  My gastrointestinal doctor told me my symptoms were “normal” and I was given meds to deal with them which only made the problem worse.  I was referred to a nutritionalist last year and was put on a special diet that was difficult and did not change anything.  After hearing about Amy, I met with her and over a few sessions she clearly identified the causes of my issues, gave me a science based simple nutrition plan and helped me to execute it while encouraging me along the way.  Amy really listened to me and worked on fixing the causes of my issues rather than covering them up with medications or difficult diets.  My digestive issues have resolved thanks to Amy and with her help I have made changes (simple ones) to my everyday diet to improve my overall health."

~ L.M., Texas

"I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. I was so tired of taking meds, then having to change them after maxing out on the dose.  8 months ago my doctor put me on blood pressure meds because it was dangerously high. I always felt like I had stomach pains after eating and felt exhausted by the afternoon. After meeting with Amy she told me what was going on in my body. She helped me how to learn to balance my macros and keep my blood sugar stable, which in turn has made my anxiety SO much better! My blood pressure has not been this good in years. The best part is feeling like I am truly alive again. I have energy when I come home from work. I do not depend upon caffeine in the mornings or afternoons to function anymore.  I have not taken an acid reflux pill since I started working with Amy. This is not a “diet”,  it is a way of life that is completely doable. Amy is inspirational, motivating, and truly knows her stuff!"

~ D.V.,  Maryland

"Amy did a phenomenal job assessing me and my nutrition needs. I had been suffering with constipation for over a year now, and within a few weeks my digestion has been amazing. I feel less bogged down and seem to have more energy. I have no more muscle spasms and don’t fear waking up with one. Thank you Amy you rock!!!"

~ J.G., California

"After months of joint pain and unexplained weight gain and hair loss, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos and hypothyroidism in April 2020. Feeling thrown for a loop with an overwhelming autoimmune disease, and reeling from two back-to-back miscarriages, I turned to Amy for nutritional therapy. As a fellow Hashimotos patient herself, Amy became my trusted guide to navigate this brand new, unfamiliar world. Amy’s scientific background makes her a wealth of knowledge, but her approachable nature means she explains everything in a way that the average person can easily understand. With Amy’s help, I learned how parts of my lifestyle, like doing HIIT workouts on an empty stomach, were exacerbating my body’s inflammation and creating high levels of cortisol and adrenal fatigue. By cutting back on these aggressive workouts and eliminating gluten from my diet, my joint pain is almost 100% gone. From the beginning I have felt supported and that Amy genuinely cares about my wellbeing. I’m now enjoying a healthy pregnancy with my rainbow baby and look forward to continuing my journey with Amy in the postpartum phase and beyond. Thank you, Amy!!!"

~K.M., Texas

I found Amy in desperate times. My body was in a state of stress and I’d say “disequilibrium”. I was tired, and in discomfort despite my efforts for a healthy lifestyle. Already an active person and a generally healthy lifestyle I was frustrated. Amy helped me pinpoint key factors contributing to my fatigue and digestion issues. Thanks to Amy and her wealth of knowledge I’m equipped with the tools and supplements needed to feel great and I definitely have more energy. I’d recommend Amy to anyone no matter where you are in your health journey.

~C.G., Minnesota

Amy is wonderful! She taught me so much about why I was feeling cruddy.  She provided personalized suggestions based on a comprehensive assessment and explained the why of it all. Everything was realistic and she doesn't pressure you into changing anything you're not ready to change. Within just a couple days of my first meeting with her, i could see significant improvements, including more energy, no more heartburn, and overall better gut health. I look forward to feeling better and better as I continue to implement more of her suggestions.

~G.T., Ohio

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